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Heating Services

Heating a home in the wintertime can be pretty expensive. Fireplaces and space heaters offer localized heat. To do the overall job in your house however, you’ll want an energy efficient heating and cooling system.

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Some of the top heating options include natural gas, electric and oil. In order to make the best decision for your household there are many factors to consider.

Natural Gas

In order for a natural gas furnace to be a viable option for your house, you must have gas lines run to your home and live in an area where a gas supply is available. With these initial questions out of the way, it’s good to know that natural gas furnaces have higher heating efficiency and their fuel costs less. Gas furnaces require minimal maintenance other than changing your air filter on a regular basis, and they are quiet and clean.

Drawbacks to natural gas include the gas heater tends to provide less heat than an oil heater, and they are more costly than oil furnaces.

Oil Furnaces

As mentioned above, oil is a much more expensive heating alternative than natural gas, however there are some benefits as well. Oil furnaces cost less than gas furnaces, but the efficiency is lower. The main benefit of oil furnaces is that they provide more heat than other heating sources. Oil furnaces must be regularly serviced and require a service contract because there tends to be extensive soot and dirt buildup where chimneys need cleaned and oil filters need changed.

Electric Furnaces

Perhaps the easiest of all to maintain due to the cleanliness of the energy is uses, the electric furnace can be used in virtually any household with electrical outlets. Without fuel storage tanks to worry about, this is a pretty simple device. No production of dangerous gases, no chance of a gas explosion occurring, carbon monoxide is not produced, and less risk of fire are all great benefits of this form of heat. Simply keep regular maintenance of your filter and ducts, and this furnace will work well for years. This type of heat is also not as drying as other, therefore a humidifier would not be needed as an additional piece of equipment.

Electric furnaces usually cost less than comparable gas furnaces, and have longer life expectancies. Like the other types of furnaces, if you have not updated your heating unit in the past 10 years, getting a new electric furnace model will certainly upgrade your energy efficiency and probably end up saving you money in the long run. Electric furnaces tend to be more efficient overall because there is no outdoor venting needed with electricity.


Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems!

There’s no point in waiting until the weather gets unbearable before checking out your furnace. Without proper annual maintenance, your furnace not only won’t run properly, but could also be spreading dust and dirt throughout your home. However, with proper maintenance your furnace should stay running cleaner and longer, offering you year-round comfort and stability.

Before the weather gets unbearably cold, you’ll want to have your furnace checked out and tuned-up by a HVAC professional. The benefits of having this simple, quick process done by a professional include:

  • Better furnace efficiency
  • Improved comfort
  • Extended life of your equipment
  • Lower overall lifetime costs

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